Flutter Paynow SDK


Hi community, I’ve been building a Flutter PaynowSDK but I’m stuck on the iOS side of things, anyone who knows swift well.


Cool Bro, is the android version ready??


Yes it’s been ready for quite a while now, I want the package to have both iOS and Android support


I’ve been working on a pure Dart version tho, i’ll be releasing it next week


Have you been able to complete the package?


Yes, I’m still working on the documentation


yes!!! I can’t wait. You are amazing


cant wait :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


hey so i need a lil bit of help, I’m not sure if the sha512 hash implementation of dart corresponds to the one paynow uses cause i keep getting “Invalid ID error”


Is that error coming from Paynow server or SDK? Are you able to share a copy of the server request?


It’s coming from the server,I found the issue, it seems I may not be generating the hash properly in Dart.


Hi thank you very much for your work have you completed working on the sdk for both android and ios. May l also know the link to the documentation


https://github.com/ignertic/paynow or https://pub.dev/packages/paynow