Android Kotlin Payment Status Verification


Alright, so I have successfuly integrated PayNow Java with a Kotlin Android project.
I am using coroutines to run the network query to avoid blocking up my UI thread.

I get a payment status failed in the app, but in my email:

Dear Paynow Customer
The status of your payment has been updated as reflected below:

Paynow Reference: 8232593
Status: Paid
Payee Name: My Company
Payee Email: [email protected]
Payee Phone: 26377000000
Amount: $2.00
Reference: Jet Pack Invoice 173

Your payment has been made to the payee.

So what am I missing? The mobile payment response doesnt have the response.redirectUrl() method.
I am using background co-routines.
How do I verify the payment on the client?