@paynow , when can we expect REST (server to server). My clients keep complaining of the redirect to paynow site, having to enter their email addresses as guest and navigating back to the app which probably takes about 4 minutes depending with network speed.

With REST, devs can be able to do :

  • Implementation of custom checkout pages (beneficial for ecommerce apps that use custom webviews for checkouts)
  • Shorten Checkout time ( cut out redirects )
  • Ease client Checkout process by being able to define default payment methods or email addresses


True that man, my app also needs that kind of implementation and paynow is not offering it


@root - Paynow API already offers redirect-less payment for mobile money channels (see here)

Redirect-less processing of Visa/Mastercard is available from Paynow, but requires PCI DSS certification (see here) of the merchant website in order to be permitted for an integration

Methods like CheckPayment (seen from the pollurl following a successful InitiateTransaction call), ResultURL (POSTed by Paynow to your resulturl upon transaction status update) and InitiateTransaction are server-to-server calls which use the lowest common denominated communication requirement for HTTP (being form post) to lower the barrier to entry for developers whilst maintaining performance and security

Hope that helps!