Can I intergrate paynow with a rails app?


I have a rails online store that I’m working on I want to know if paynow can be intergrated with a rails app


@gitnyasha we don’t have a plugin (gem) but you can create an integration using our Restful API. The documentation can be found here


I’m trying to create a ruby gem and when I initiate a transaction

  1. paynow =‘INTEGRATION_ID’, ‘INTEGRATION_KEY’,‘http://’,‘http://’)
  2. payment = paynow.create_payment(‘Order #100’, ‘[email protected]’)
  3. payment.add(‘Bananas’, 2.50)
  4. response = paynow.send(payment)

I get this error
but I put my intergration_id correctly


Are you able to check your logs and look at the actually http request thats being sent?


Let me test it on a production app, I was testing the gem in the ruby shell


It’s working now