Convert US$ to RTGS on Paynow platform


I have a ecommerce website where I am selling goods in US$. I also want my client to pay in RTGS using Paynow. I already have a Paynow account linked to my website. my question is, if my item is priced on my website at US$1 and the client choses Paynow as a payment option, will the price be automatically converted to RTGS on the Paynow page?

Someone talked about 2 way integration. How do I go about it?


For wordpress , you need to do the following

1)Go to Paynow and create a new Payment integration , and set it to accept only ZWL payments

  1. Download the latest plugin here

3)The latest plugin gives you the ability to configure two intergrationIDs and keys that by this step you should have at hand