Express Checkout | Error : Invalid Id


I am trying to initiate an Express checkout request from the postman and encountering the following error.

Getting Invalid Id error.

  • content-type:“application/javascript”

I have testing hash and gone through the link provided by Team Paynow Invalid Hash When Initiating a RemoteTransaction

Looking forward for your response.

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@gourav at the risk of asking the obvious, are you using the Id provided in your payment integration?


@Harvey - yes we are using the test id created under paynow panel.


May I see you postman tab , are you sending body as form-url-encode.


@Harvey - yes sending as form-url encode.

check postman screen attached for your reference.


@gourav seems your invalid Id error is gone, to fix your invalid hash error, follow this thread Invalid Hash When Initiating a RemoteTransaction


@harvey - but hash is very OK. i have confirmed with the sample.



@gourav did you succesfully follow the example on the link I provided above?


Hi @Harvey - Yes hash is already Ok and confirmed.
check the screen below for test hash

Looking forward for your quick revert.


Great and to that example did you replace the test id and key with your credentials? Is there a particular reason why you are not using the provided Paynow SDKs and libraries?


Hi @harvey

I am able to get

Could you please help in proceeding further. what needs to be done next.

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@gourav What you trying to integrate paynow with ?


@harvey -
Website name :
method type : ecocash

Looking forward for your reply.

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@gourav , What platform or framework did you use to build the website?


@harvey- php / codeigniter


Going through the steps of generating the Hash is for plarforms and frameworks we have not build SDKs for. We have a PHP Guide on the developer page. Did you have a look at it?


@harvey - yes i have checked and able to send a post request and getting response with status = ok as i attached above. my question is how to proceed further now ? what is the next step please.

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we have a PHP guide here --> .