How to integrate a paynow gateway


Hi, I’ve bought a WordPress theme online and it has pay pal gateway can you please tell me how I can get to use pay now gateway.
I’ve tried all plugins and they seem not to be working please help me.


Depending on what you intend to achieve, and what eCommerce plugin you are using on your WordPress site there are a few Paynow gateways we provide and support. For the gateway plugins to work you will need to have installed the required core plugin first.

For example, in order to use the Paynow for WooCommerce gateway, you will need to first install WooCommerce on your site. The same applies to the rest of the gateways listed here:

  1. WooCommerce:
  2. Easy Digital Downloads:
  3. Gravity Forms:


For WP a mentioned by the Paynow dev team, you need to install 1 of the Ecommerce plugins on the WordPress Add Plugin button in your admin dashboard.

You’ll then need the Integration Key and your Paynow merchant ID. Usually best to keep that API key in test mode, but when you’ll feel it’s ready to test don’t be afraid to request live mode.

For WP I use EDD (Easy Digital Downloads ) but even direct PHP API integration can work.

Let me know of you’re struggling after trying themail above.