Innbucks integration


Hi guys. I want to start accepting payments on my web application using Innbucks. I see that the implication exists on however I can seem to see any example code on the main paynow docs. If you have any advice, it would be greatly appreciated.


Did you find a solution? Also stuck on the InnBucks integration, it returns {'status': 'Error', 'error': 'Failed to initiate transaction, please try later'} when I try do an express checkout by posting the payload below to

{'resulturl': '', 'returnurl': '', 'reference': '240222725237', 'amount': '10.0', 'id': '*****', 'additionalinfo': 'Buy%2C+', 'authemail': '***********', 'phone': '0771111111', 'method': 'innbucks', 'status': 'Message', 'hash': 'C55868C22D08135B2AF3FCF92309F5679DEC3E6B7A7C703643082B2BB6627B157736B08BA7D966EE749061351B3FE73BCD1002F050B2980FE3329508D9D55A3D'}

The same data works for which then returns a paynow url to redirect to. It seems like it’s not working for express checkouts.