Paynow brand assets (logos, button badges, ...)


Are there some high quality brand assets available for use on our sites? Ideally SVG format payment buttons, paynow logos, payment method icons, etc.


Help with this would be appreciated. Also could make use of these resources.


I am really in need of SVG version of Paynow logo. makes my app more responsive. Look at sample from PayPal:


I have an idea, don’t we have any graphic designers in the community ?


Just joined the site today, (and I am a graphics designer), I will be glad to assist. I will soon create it and update you…


Check this out in my github repo:, the .svg version, scalable to any resoluution without quality loss. Just a did a bit of editing with Ai.

When I get more time will work on merchant and button badges.


Hi all. We’re putting together some official artwork/assets that we believe the community would find useful to associate their website or application with Paynow - we’ll share them on


You are a star. Thanks @fakerat


The artwork in .SVG and .AI format is now available from here

Here’s to better looking apps :smiley: