Paynow link not redirecting after payment


Paynow link not redirecting after payment please help


Not totally sure what’s up with that but maybe it has something to do with that transaction status that says awaiting delivery. You can check the full details for that in the docs


@Sixtus hi. Please share your API request message which you use to initiate the transaction with Paynow? That may give us more clues as to why that behaviour is being observed.


I use this link on my site


Can you share a screenshot of the settings you have configured for that button? It will look something like this:



Looks correct. We’ll need to escalate to Paynow for assistance.


Usually how long does it take for them to reply


There is already a fix for the noted behaviour which I believe will be going live next week, at which time there will be a button that appears on that transaction summary page which reads “Return to Merchant Website”

The functionality was there before but it appears it was changed some time ago. It will be returned though.


Any updates on fixing the redirect issue