Paynow merchant accounts


Is it possible to create multiple merchants under one account?


Hi @iamthatchic. You can create multiple integrations in a single Paynow merchant account. And each of those integrations can be linked to different bank accounts. You cannot however have multiple merchants under a single Paynow account.

As for the WooCommerce Paynow plugin, it only supports one integration at a time.


so you saying i can have 5 different companies iam doing integrations for under one account


I think as has been stated before 1 merchant = 1 account
more merchants more accounts

remember that when a person is about to make a payment the merchant info will be shown depending on how to craft your app hence if you have more customers you will have to create accounts for each and every customer and have the accounts verified individually having many integration keys on one account allows you to vary the bank accounts and prices depending on the integration key. so you might have one site which sells books and the integration key will direct customers to pay into your books bank account and for shoes you might have a separate bank account with a different integration key which gives you that freedom to split payments but coming to the same merchant


thanks for the awesome information.