Paynow Payment request Currency


Hello. Fo the Paynow payment request, do you specify the Transaction currency or all the request are made using the the ZWL.
i have a shop with multiple currencies, so now my question is on when im making a payment request after the user has selected USD or another currency, do i have to convert back to ZWL with to send my request or there is a way i can specify the curency


Hi @EmmanuelF , the Paynow API does not have a currency field . The currency of payment is determined by the Payment methods you chose when you create an integration

Generating Integration Keys · Paynow Developer Hub.

Eg if you want to have a multi-currency site offering ZWL or USD you will need two integrations

-The first integration should have Ecocash , Telecash , OneMoney and Vpayments selected as payment methods

-The Second integration should only have Visa/Mastercard Selected

You send the request to Paynow with the correct integration ID depending on which currency your client wants to pay in


I have created an integration id as you mentioned above only with the Visa/Mastercard selected, but still I’m seeing ZWL as currency in the paynow payment page