Paynow Plugin not Finishing Setup on Woo Commerce


Hello, I have been trying to integrate paynow with woo commerce for an online shop that is still in development on my local server; but after adding my ID and Key that I received via email; the Paynow payment option is not enabling in woo commerce settings.
Kindly advise please.


Good day, what version of PHP are you using? Do you mean you are unable to enable Paynow only after you have added the Paynow keys? Are you able to enable WP_DEBUG? If so, are you seeing any errors/warnings in there?


Hi @jamesof thanks for the response. I think I have figured out the problem. I managed to solve this problem after migrating my website from my local dev environment to a live server with SSL. Then I installed jetpack and everything was ok.
The problem must have been the insecure connection from the local server.
The problem was so persistent without any errors so until now I have no specific answer as to what could have been the problem all along.
Many thanks