Paynow saying No address associated hostname in Java


Hi guys,

I generated my Keys from paynow and I tried to make a payment using Java and I got the below error: Unable to resolve host "": No address associated with hostname

Please note that I have tried with different keys with the same code (Java) and it’s working. What could be the issue
, please help?


are you able to access from a browser on the device you are using?


Yes, I can access it from all my devices, please note that if I use different keys it works fine.


When you say “different keys” do you mean it works with another Paynow integration ID?


Exactly, it works fine with other Paynow integration ID and key.


Hi @anesuphiri. Is it an android project? Also, when you make http requests to other URLs, can you connect successfully?


Yes, it’s an Android project. Yes, I connect successfully.

If I change integration keys it works well. I don’t know if the keys I got have a problem.