Paynow success URL


Can anyone help on this.Iam using paynow on my website which people can buy stuff on.After they made payments the success URL is not working…Its not responding. How can I get it to work


HI , Will . I can try assist. May you share what your website is built with.


Hi will

The success URL will (if present) redirect the user to the specified URL when they click “Return To Seller Site” on the transaction summary page (after having made their payment)

The button in question is shown below:

If you’re finding thats not the case, please share details of the bill payment form in question with the Paynow support team and they can investigate futher.

I created my own example just now to test this (because I havent used it before personally) and found that it worked as expected, but its possible we’re configuring it differently.

I hope this helps :wink:


hi, guys am new to pay now can yu help on using paynow for making payments in php


@2kingz.sys welcome to the forum. Please take a look at the developer documentation (relevant to any programming language) here and the PHP SDK and programming guide here. If you need assistance with something specific which is not covered in documentation, you can start a thread in the forum to ask for assistance.