Paynow update status


I’m testing the paynow api in php sdk. The payment is made but status is ‘awaiting delivered’. Is there a way I can make the client to update status to paid.


@Denver , if you are using an amount larger than $50 to test automatically trigger buy safe protection , this puts your payment into an "awaiting delivery " state. Test with an amount below $50 to immediately get a paid status


So in test mode, can I confirm status to paid while in "buy safe protection"


@Denver “Awaiting Delivery” is as good as a paid status. It confirms your funds are with us but they won’t be released until you have confirmed delivery of goods to your customer. To confirm delivery of goods you would need to go into the Paynow dashboard and manually change the status.
Here is a link to the available statuses and what they mean


Sorry for too many q. How can I change this in the Paynow dashboard. I thought the user is the one who confirms it