Paynow Woocommerce not enabling


Cannot enable Paynow payment in woocommerce but have set up all the requirements


This is happening to me too. Remove the Yoast plugin. Their latest update is bringing problems


Mine is doing the same, but I have no Yoast plugin


Hi, are you still having issues with the plugin? If so, 1) What error message is shown when the failure happens and, 2) Have you tried disabling all plugins and enabling only the Paynow plugin? With WordPress that sometimes is the best way to debug where exactly an issue might be coming from. Also, if you have access to the error logs for the site, please try enabling the plugin then share the log


Thanks for responding. I realized that it had to do with the currencies. The merchant ID and key you are using determines which currency you have to select in the woocommerce settings. My problem is fixed.