Pending payment


I am using WooCommerce Paynow Gateway Version 1.2.1 on WooCommerce Version 4.2.2 The website is an E-Learning platform with courses and lessons. When one chooses a course adds to cart, they are re-directed to make a payment on PayNow e.g which is fine - they can enter their mobile payment option say EcoCash ( and pay. The problem comes when payment is completed on the user’s side but not in the back-end of the website i.e. in WooCommerce. The order remains as “Pending Payment” and of course such a status will not allow for one to immediately access their lessons. It is like the system hangs? The system re-directs back to the website and says “Thank you. Your order has been received.” Gives order#, Date, E-mail, Amount and Payment Method but still order status is “Pending payment”


I do not think this is a PayNow issue. Since your website is an e-learning site try using WooCommerce Addons for subscriptions so that users automatically get a subscription for their courses of interest.

The unfortunate part is that last time I checked you will have to pay 9.99$ for that Addon per year.

The pending order status is meant as a default to allow the customers to change the order status when they receive the goods. In this case you’ll have to configure WooCommerce to automatically mark all orders as complete or you’ll have to do that manually in the backend of your WooCommcerce.

If you are not up for the Addon you can get the WooCommerce mobile application. Its much faster that way when doing it manually

I am not an expert but I hope this answers your question