Please help me guys see my code below


string INTEGRATION_ID = “8766Preformatted text5”, INTEGRATION_KEY = “3fd0e24ce-8768-4154-89a5-8625c09785c8”;

            var paynow = new Paynow(INTEGRATION_ID, INTEGRATION_KEY);

            paynow.ResultUrl = "";
            paynow.ReturnUrl = "";

            // Create new payment and pass in the reference and payer's email address
            var payment = paynow.CreatePayment("Invoice 12","[email protected]");

            // Passing in the name of the item and the price of the item
            payment.Add("Bananas", 2.5m);

            // Save the response from paynow in a variable
            //var response = paynow.Send(payment);
            var resp = paynow.SendMobile(payment, "773949823", "Ecocash");

            if (resp.Success())
                // Get the url to redirect the user to so they can make payment
                var link = resp.RedirectLink();

                // Get the poll url of the transaction
                var pollUrl = resp.PollUrl();
                MessageBox.Show("Payment Suceeds");

            var pollUrli = resp.PollUrl();
            var status = paynow.ProcessStatusUpdate(pollUrli);
            if (status.Paid())
                MessageBox.Show("Yay the transction was done");
                MessageBox.Show("No transction made");


@2kingz.sys before I try assist you , it is strongly discouraged to share your ID and Key in public Forums.
What error are you getting ?


@Harvey that id is a fakei added number

am not getting any error but when i click pay the payment fails


Looking at your code snippet , I cant see anything wrong. May you share the full code or your full logs


[quote=“2kingz.sys, post:1, topic:1468”]
paynow.ResultUrl = “”; paynow.ReturnUrl = “”;
[/quote]is there anything i need to change here … because it seems like there is no payment going on nothing is happening when i click pay (the messagebox )


Hi @2kingz.sys, in test mode, you can only use designated numbers with sendMobile() found here. This will then simulate a mobile transaction in that the emails that should be sent through will and Paynow will send a post message to your result url with the results of the transaction.
Also, I’m assuming 2.5m is a typo?


@adrian so want to move out of the test mode how can i do that


Sign into Paynow
Home --> other ways to get paid -->3rd Party Shopping Carts & Business Systems Integration
select your payment integration and click on “Request to be Set Live”.
.You must have completed at least one successful transaction in test mode


@Harvey Okay , another issue is that the Woo Commerce WordPress plugin doesn’t have Zimbabwe Currency on the Currency selection


@2kingz.sys The currency symbol has not been changed , however the plugin should still function , have a look at this video tutorial .Sdk and plugin updates are not always quick, you can contribute to the open-source github repo and make a pull request.