RESTful API request


Can we please get a real RESTful API for Paynow integrations? kthxbai


I cam here just to ask about this. I want to integrate paynow with android, and I am wondering if this is possible without having to redirect to the paynow site?


@digolodollarz Yes you can, using Express Checkout. However, Express Checkout is only available for the Ecocash payment channel at the moment.

With Express Checkout, the transaction will not redirect to the Paynow site, it will simply trigger a dialog on the payer’s phone for them to confirm and complete the transaction by entering their Ecocash PIN. See below:


Hi I am using PHP Code Igniter how can I intergrate express checkout


Quick advice son

Never put any 3rd party data directly into an app ,subject to changes etc will make your app useless .

I do however advice you write your own server and use your own api which then in turn controls links to paynow that when they change all you can do is just change your own server implementation and everybody goes home happy


How can an integrate buying airtime for my clients through paynow from my app?


Hi @asie Paynow is a payments gateway, we do not offer a service for retailing airtime. If you want to be able to accept payments in your app start here The documentation covers the more common frameworks and programming languages


Noted. Thank you very much