Returnurl data from GET


what is the data that comes with the returnurl GET or specifically does it include the transaction id


The returnurl parameter is set by you. It is expected that you will set enough information to be able to identify the transaction.


From what i can find in the documentation data is sent via “resulturl”

reference : The transaction’s reference on the merchant site.
amount : Final amount of the transaction
paynowreference : Reference number for the transaction in Paynow.
pollurl : The URL on Paynow the merchant site can poll to confirm the transaction’s current status.
status : After payment is complete Paynow will notify the merchant site with one of the following statuses
hash : Details of Hash generation are provided in a later section of this document.


The returnurl is used when you direct your user to Paynow’s Website to complete a payment. Once the user has completed a payment they are redirected to the returnurl. Does it have a transaction id? It wont have a Paynow transaction Id as you only get that after response to initial POST.

1.Set the url as your website , with a parameter of “myref” which is your internal reference to the transaction

  1. When the user has completed their payment on Paynow and they are redirected to your website url , you use “myref” parameter to search for the transaction on your end and update it


ok so the paynow server just redirects to my returnurl it does not send any data with the GET


Paynow simply redirects to the returnurl and posts the data (server responses) to the resulturl so you can expect to see the data there.


So where can I set that returnurl


If you are using the official Paynow SDKs there are examples on the Developer Hub “Quickstart Guides” showing how to instantiate a Paynow Class object and set the necessary properties like the resulturl and retunurl among others.

Here’s the one for PHP SDK for example: