Server Status Update


Is they anyone who has managed to implement status updates properly. Am sending a url for updates but am receiving none on my endpoint. Am testing on mobile money and Visa/Mastercard payment methods. For Visa cards am using the Initiate a transaction then am redirected to Paynow site etc…

I want to test the server status update. For mobile money am using pollurl and getting the result. In both cases am not getting server status update

Am using python


Hi there, I assume by server status update you mean the callback posted by the Paynow server to your result URL. Please make sure this URL accepts POST requests and is publicly available on the internet i.e it’s accessible from any computer like for example, as opposed to localhost:5000 which would only be available on your local machine. Also, note that any authentication like htpasswd or a firewall(s) that allows specific IPs only will result in the callback appearing to never be called because the Paynow server will ot know how to authenticate.