USD and ZWL currency


do you allow other currency like USD on the same key or it needs a different how do i config to receive both USD and ZWL visa/Mastercard


Good day Michael;
Thank you for getting in touch with us. Please be advised that alongside your RTGS$ payment processing, Paynow offers you the ability to receive foreign currency payments and settle them to your local NOSTRO/FCA bank account. However, we are unable to offer this to Betting companies and the moment.

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You can accept both USD and ZWL but they need to be on their own integration ID at this time.

You can configure each integration ID to accept the payment methods which dictate the accepted currency

For example:

  • If integration ID #123 accepts Ecocash, OneMoney and Vpayments then its presumed to be a ZWL integration ID
  • If integration ID #456 accepts Visa/Mastercard (USD) then its presumed to be a USD integration ID


Hi, how do I get to display USD prices with the checkout showing both USD and ZWL options and what rate is used? For reference use this link, this is an example of a website that displays USD prices but you can choose to pay with either USD or ZWL at checkout. I don’t know what platform their website is on, but I’m using woocommerce- WordPress.


@peterjonhera Paynow does not apply exchange rate during its acquiring of funds, so integrators should be careful to include USD payment methods if the integration is USD or ZWL payment methods if the integration is ZWL.

You could setup two Paynow integrations, one for ZWL and the other for USD, then prompt your customer to choose the currency (at which time you can apply the exchange rate in order to present them with each currency’s total amount) prior to initiating the transaction on Paynow. Then you can initiate with Paynow using the appropriate integration ID.


Noted with thanks. I will try that and see.


Does ecocash accept usd currency?


I tried this for me but its not working at all, I dont know whats the issue.