Woocommerce Paynow Payment Option not Showing


I am unable to see the paynow payment option on the checkout page.

I have set up the paynow plugin and added the merchant ID and secrete under the woocommerce > settings > payments.

Running wordpress version 6.4.2
Woocommerce version 8.4.0
Martfury Theme.


Hi Tawanda sorry for late response. Kindly send your website url.


was this resolved. if yes then how as i am facing the same problem


Please make sure you have put the correct integration ID & key corresponding to the currency you set in your woocommerce settings. If you set USD make sure your integration id and keys are usd. You should do likewise on ZWL


I managed to work out it’s probably a blocks error and Paynow integration not yet being supported! I worked around it by editing the template page or creating a new checkout page and using the shortcode block: [woocommerce_checkout]

Not ideal but it get your checkout back working