Woocommerce Redirect Failure


Good day, I have integrated my wordpress site to paynow via the plugin. I have put in place the necessary settings, But it is not redirecting to the paynow page. What could be the cause. Its giving the message “Failed to place order”


Hi @TatendaFelix.

Which plugin are you using? The WooCommerce, Gravity Forms or the Easy Digital Downloads one?

And at what point is it giving you the error “Failed to place order”


Hie, im using the woocommerce plugin. After im done inputting personal details and i press the place order button


It sounds like you have WooCommerce installed but it’s not quite clear if you have Paynow For WooCommerce installed. This is the gateway plugin that will allow your customers to checkout using Paynow. You can find a step-by-step guide on how to install and configure it here: https://developers.paynow.co.zw/docs/woocommerce.html


hie @iammerus I already have the plugin woocommerce for paynow installed. I actually have a paynow checkout option on the site already. But still its not redirecting.


Confirm you have configured your Integration ID and Key in the plugin settings? Also, is there any chance that you’re testing your site from localhost?


I have configured both the key and the ID, and the site is live


I’m also facing the same problem I have configured both the key and the ID, and the site is live, but it’s not redirecting to Paynow on checkout


Hi @nchinyuku , please provide the version of WooCommerce, version of PHP, Paynow plugin version and set up i.e on a local machine or online server.