ZWL intergration is not redirecting to paynow


Please kindly assist.

We are creating an integration with WooCommerce using the paynow plugin. However only the USD integration is successfully redirecting to paynow for payments but if the currency is ZWL its not redirecting to paynow, its just refreshing the page and remain on the same checkout page.

Both my integration keys and IDs are correct and our paynow account is verified. We are using the latest wordpress and CURCY plugin for currency conversion.

Thanks in advance.


Good day, this behaviour is typically because of Express Payments using Ecocash/OneMoney, please check your configuration and confirm if the ZWL currency is defaulting to this payment method.


Thanks @jamesof for the response, please note that at first its was defaulting to all local payments methods except visa and mastercard, then we changed to only accept ecocash, onemoney and telecash and nothing changed then we changed to only ecocash and nothing changed too.