3rd party shopping cart


I have an app where a payment has to be done through Ecocash. Somehow the app was working pretty well getting immediate results

However all of a sudden it now requires the user to first dial, enter pin, the go to paynow and confirm payment.

These are the results:

This is now an inconvenience. Any help


Hi Fradrick

The “Instructions” field information pertains to users that have been redirected to Paynow UI for payment, and is only (partially) applicable to remote transactions if the user has not received a USSD authorization push to their handset (it is a little confusing, but us developers are smart so we can work it out) - nothing has changed in this regard, so you can ignore that field

Can you confirm you did not receive a USSD push to your mobile 07xxxxx251? Ecocash reported that they had sent it after your last request at July 19th 2019, 15:09:25


Unfortunately I didnt recieve any USSD push, even some other users are also failing to get the same.

The api just quickly response with the data as show above, it used to work before though.


A few things:

  1. Although Ecocash has been reliable of late, it does go through periods when it can be unresponsive - if you arent getting USSD push and want to check if its a problem with the service or your code, you can visit https://www.topup.co.zw/mobilerecharge and pretend to purchase $1 airtime using their “Express Checkout” option (you can cancel before making payment, its just to check if you get the USSD push)

  2. Can you share when your last successful USSD push was received during a transaction from your code?


It looks like its back now everything is now working perfectly. Not sure why it had been behaving like that.

Anyway thank you very much for your assistance.


Glad to hear it :slight_smile: