Baby steps php integration help required step by step


im kindly seeking help for testing paynow at this stage, please assist on how to do the right thing 263774181120 whatsapp ,email:

<?php //paynow require_once 'Paynow-PHP-SDK-master/autoloader.php'; $paynow = new Paynow\Payments\Paynow( ' 16166', 'd3715ba2-ef7f-48b4-950b-56304d0b54b9', '', // The return url can be set at later stages. You might want to do this if you want to pass data to the return url (like the reference of the transaction) 'http://localhost/index.php' ); $email=""; $txe=$_GET['txe']; $payment = $paynow->createPayment($txe,$email); // Passing in the name of the item and the price of the item $payment->add('Bananas', 2.50); $payment->add('Apples', 3.40); // Save the response from paynow in a variable $response = $paynow->send($payment); if($response->success()) { // Or if you prefer more control, get the link to redirect the user to, then use it as you see fit $link = $response->redirectUrl(); $pollUrl = $response->pollUrl(); // Check the status of the transaction $status = $paynow->pollTransaction($pollUrl); } ?>