How to enable production keys


We can’t move on from the test environment. How do we enable production keys so we can go live with paynow payments?

This is the error we get:


Good day. Please note you will need to complete Test transactions and request to be Set live from your Account.



Thank you for the response. We have created a test payment but we get this error message - it says we cannot send test payments:


Please note ONLY THE MERCHANT ACCOUNT (email address) USED TO CREATE THE INTEGRATION can login and Fake a Payment. If you use a different email you will get that error


Dear Mandla

I have made several test payments on Friday and today.

I have tried to activate the integration key to production/live environment but I still get this:

Is there anything else we need to do?


Dear @mandla

Please help - we have submitted all our documents and have requested access to payments without visa/mastercard. Please can you tell me what else I should do? Our app is waiting for the payment gateway to be enabled.



Please note it takes 48 working hours to be set live, you will receive an email once its done.