Mobile payment php


im getting this error wher im i getting it wrong please help
im using php sdk with slim and composer

$payment = $paynow->createPayment(‘REF’, ‘[email protected]’);
$payment->add(‘Bananas’, 2.50);
$payment->add(‘Apples’, 3.40);

$response = $paynow->sendMobile($payment, ‘0772222222’, ‘ecocash’);

  private 'data' => 
    array (size=2)
      'status' => string 'Error' (length=5)
      'error' => string 'Invalid Hash.  Hash should start with: DD4007' (length=45)
  public 'success' => boolean false
  public 'status' => string 'error' (length=5)
  private 'errors' => 
    array (size=1)
      0 => string 'invalid hash.  hash should start with: dd4007' (length=45)


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I’m getting the same error message, whilst integrating with PHP:

Processingobject(Paynow\Core\InitResponse)#6 (4) { [“data”:“Paynow\Core\InitResponse”:private]=> array(2) { [“status”]=> string(5) “Error” [“error”]=> string(45) “Invalid Hash. Hash should start with: 10544D” } [“success”]=> bool(false) [“status”]=> string(5) “error” [“errors”:“Paynow\Core\InitResponse”:private]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(45) “invalid hash. hash should start with: 10544d” } }


I’m facing exactly the same error. What can I do to resolve it


Hi Andrew. Thanks for bringing that bug to our attention. It’s been fixed in this PR and will be getting released to Packagist


An update has been released onPackagist (v.1.0.5). Please run composer update to get the updated library which fixes that issue :slight_smile: