Paynow Not Posting Results to Server


Is it just me or @paynow site runs into an error when transaction is cancelled and fails to post results to result_url.


Care to share more details ie how was the request generated and how/why it was cancelled. Could you provide enough details so I can attempt to replicate the error (Kind reminder dont provide integration keys I will use my own to test)


I am getting a similar error on development server upon confirming payment. … I notice the second forward slash is missing from the error path. The test payment is however successful since i recieve an email status message. the result url is printed coorectly on the console ie


Can you send a direct message with just your integration ID no keys please


Which Paynow SDK are you using ? You are sending an email address as your “return url” , the error is Paynow saying it cant find the ULR to redirect the user to


I am using python sdk. Not sure how paynow is picking up email when i have set return url and it is being printed correctly in the console


That is not an email address but a subdomain url. As extracted by paynow, it however doesnt include the port and this may be the source of the problem as i need to usethe port on the development server.The result_url printed to my console includes the port number