PayNow Status Update CallBack Bug


I picked up that if I create multiple payments and do not confirm them i.e did not redirect for the customer to process the payment. The next payment that I then confirm I get a single call back with the url appended with all the unconfirmed transactions.

Expected Behaviour
Each transaction should be atomic and its corresponding response should be unique and not mixed with the other transactions.

See screenshot below

In this example transactions [ 4987|4990] were not confirmed by customer. Only Transaction 4993 was.
The call back URL should have been /api/payments/paynow/status/4993


I solved it in python by initializing payment items as an empty list like this in python :

payment = paynow.create_payment(reference, email)

payment.items = []

payment.add('Reason for payment', amount)


Thanks @divine. I am using the java SDK I am definitely adding item description and amount.
I am not going to rely on the call back for security reasons for the client. I have implemented a pooling mechanism to retrieve the status back.