What is pollurl used for?


hello. i am a bit confused on what pollurl is used for. can anyone please assist me on that one? and how do i get it?


A pollUrl contains almost all if not all information about a particular transaction. so it can be used to check the status of a transaction whether it was successfully paid or it was paid, the amount and so many details


so how can i get that pollurl when i am using the intergration for mobile. i have managed to get the response but then i am failing to get the poolurl. can you please help.


Hi there, you did not provide enough details for me to provide a direct link to a code sample. At any rate, here’s a link to the Python section of the docs, you will find that the other SDKs are pretty much the same: https://developers.paynow.co.zw/docs/python_quickstart.html#mobile-transactions


@elvis note that pollUrl should be used as a last resort to determine the status of a transaction, and the most efficient method is in fact to rely on the resultUrl which you supply when initiating the transaction.

The resultUrl is the URL to which Paynow will post the full transaction details the very moment it changes to a final state e.g. paid

The payload which Paynow posts to the resultUrl is in fact the same as the one which is returned when the pollUrl is called

You should use the pollUrl in the event that you dont receive a call to your resultUrl for a particular transaction.

I hope that helps!


thanks bro, the documentation is a round robin.