General Discussion - Python Integration


This is for general discussions around integrating Paynow into your Python applications



Have you thought about creating a django plugin.


Hey mate i can do that i am currently developing one for flask


Hi @admaku. Can you please share the link to the plugin’s repository so we can collaborate on it? :slightly_smiling_face:


great!!!, taking contributions?:smiley:


Just started on it but will be done byFriday


Perfect, will check it out :smile:


@admaku do you work at paynow?


I opened a pull request and its now 2 weeks old


@paynow, is it possible that you can alert us of new changes in the API, I recently encountered a nasty bug which broke everything,

“status.paid” is now “status” type “str” not boolean ), if this is the new standard then please update documentation…And also a suggestion can you please create a repo we can fork.


I am getting this error. ImportError: cannot import name 'Paynow' . I installed paynow==1.0.4 and i am getting this error when i try importing it. Like:

from paynow import Paynow

Can anyone help?