No route to host python error


i have been facing a no route to host error when i tried to integrate with python. This is my first time using the gateway and please assist me.!


Good day,

There hasn’t been an outage or connectivity issue to Paynow in the last few day.
This means that the issue is likely in your network configurations somewhere. Are you using a work connection? Is there a firewall/VPN on the network? Please check on this and try again. The fastest way to check if the issue is coming from you connection directly (and not a configuration your specific machine) is to use a mobile network (Econet/NetOne) to connect.


thanks, i think this resolved the issue!!


Just for reference, what did you do exactly? Used a different network? Resolved the connection issue at the VPN/Firewall level?


i used a VPN because my network had blocked all the connectivity…even if i pinged the endpoint, it did not succeed