Paynow not redirecting after successful payment



I am having an issue when it comes to redirecting clients back to my site after successful payment. Initiation of payment process and the payment process on paynow website is working fine. But the paynow system is raising an error afterwards instead of returning users.

I am using the paynow library. This is my code for initiating payment:

paynow = Paynow(settings.PAYNOW_INTEGRATION_ID,

What could be the problem?


Paynow redirects users to the “return_url” you provided. Take a look at this previous post Redirecting User after payment


@charle The problem was found, I’ve opened a PR for the fix. You can find it the issue here


I fixed that by changing the position of result_url with the return_url and I was good to go


hello friend i am using it in python but both return and result url not working! in test mode


How did you change the position, I am lost


Im still facing this issue. Was it resolved?