sendPayment() method not return response_object in nodeJS


Hi, I am running payment process inside a serverless cloud function in NodeJS. When I call the “sendPayment()” method, it is suppose to return a status_response object, but in my case I am receiving an empty object/nothing.
Could you please assist, I have attached a screenshot of my code below.
Thanks in advance.

How to get a status message after a Paynow transaction

Hi @kudzanaim.

What version of the SDK are you using? And the keys you are using, are they live?


Im using node 8, and my keys are live, but my account is in testing, the send() method works with my keys, but fails when trying to get pollstatus.


Hi @kudzanaim, when you are in Testing mode, you can only use a fixed set of numbers for mobile based transactions found here.
Secondly, when testing, the email address you use as the second parameter of createPayment is the one associated with the account you are testing with.