Python SDK challenge


I have done a successful integration of the python sdk with my app but however, when I change the phone number in the following line of code -> response = paynow.send_mobile(payment, ‘0777777777’, ‘ecocash’) it is only working for the phone with that particular line.


Yes there should be a way for the application to ask for the user to enter the ecocash number with which they wish to pay then presented with a ussd prompt to enter the pin code afterwards


Hi @lawguchu from what you described it seems your account is still in test mode . Follow the steps below to apply for your account to be set live Getting out of test mode - Site Feedback - Paynow Forums


Hi Harvey thanks for your reply. However, what I want when I run the application is to have a ussd prompt asking for the user to enter their ecocash number first and then followed by the ussd prompt to enter the pin code. It appears you tell the application the number that has to pay with ecocash in the code. The external site has been set to live by the way, it is not the issue.


"have a ussd prompt asking for the user to enter their ecocash number first " We do not offer that functionality. You must provide the ecocash number when you send a payment request to Paynow.


I did that already but it seems as if the ussd prompt only comes out on the phone with the number that I put in the line of code I mentioned earlier on above. What is the use of that number anyway? Maybe I am getting lost somewhere.


We expect you to request the users number and add it as a variable before sending the request to us

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so it means it only works for regular customers only?